Touristic Information

Seaside resort, with its 4 km of beach and dunes, dominated by the ancient fort built by the French in * 700, is now one of the most popular resorts of the Maremma and the Etruscan Coast.

The particular geographical position in the heart of Tuscany and the most famous historical centers in the area, make it a perfect starting point for excursions, while the mild climate, the tranquility and beauty of the natural surroundings make it a relaxing oasis for summer vacation for the whole family.

Called by many "town-garden", seaside resort is bathed by one of the most beautiful and cleanest seas in Italy. In addition to the beach, you can use the services offered by bathing establishments located along the coast, such as the Blue Dolphin by which customers Residence Habitat have a discount on the services offered by 10%.

For those who love the movement and the opportunity to practice a variety of water sports as well as hiking and biking in the cool Mediterranean along the coast.

How can we forget, in fact, the Olympic and world champion Paolo Bettini, a native of Bibbona, from whose land the passion for cycling and their player of the GS California just seven years conquered with 23 wins out of 24.

Not far from the sea, forest Macchia della Magona * is a pleasant green island connected to the woods Volterra and the park system of the Val di Cornia through a network of trails.

The protected area covers an area of ​​over 1,600 hectares and is home to the main species of Mediterranean vegetation and an interesting biogenetic oasis.
Sixteen routes - covered on foot, horseback or mountain bike - beautiful paintings lead to the discovery of environmental hardwood forests, pine bruzio and domestic, patches of arbutus and juniper maples, oaks, viburnum and heather are the natural habitat wild boar, deer, hares, martens and porcupines.

We are 30 kilometers from Livorno (SS 1): leaving the car near the town of Vada, you can enter the paved road that runs along the beach, turn towards the sea after 3 km, more than a bar of Forestry and proceeds through a convenient network of dirt roads in the direction of Marina di Cecina and Bibbona. The route is particularly recommended for cyclists.

We also remember in this case the event in competitive character and hiking to mountain bikers, the "Etruscan Coast Marathon", which is held in May and includes a marathon of 69 km, a point to point of 51 km and an overview not competitive.

Since 2003 the City of Bibbona received the coveted Blue Flag international award given annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which is celebrated in the streets of the fort in the early summer seaside resort.
The Blue Flag recognizes the quality of the water and the coast, the security measures taken by the municipality and the initiatives taken in the field of environmental education.

In the central square of the historic village is the Church of St. Hilary, sacred building dating from the eleventh century and the fulcrum around which develops the entire village. Within Milliman houses a shrine of white marble.
Built in the XV century by Ranieri Tripalle designed by Vittorio Ghiberti, the Church of Santa Maria della Pieta' in 1577 became the seat of the monks of the Abbey of Santa Maria del Mansio.

The building, a Greek cross with arms surmounted by times, has a central dome in terracotta and the entrance, on the lintels, recordings drawn from biblical stories.

Mirabile Trinity Cesare Dandini (1595-1658) kept inside.
On this occasion we remember the Holy Representation of the Passion of Christ procession that takes place in the streets of the town on Good Friday.