Fort of Marina di Bibbona

The Forte di Marina di Bibbona is an outpost that rises along the coast of the town of Bibbona (LI).

The construction of the fortress is closely linked to that of the nearby Fort of Castagneto. In fact, both were raised in the second half of the eighteenth century, by the will of the Lorraine, with a view to a reorganization of the military and health outposts of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The two twin complexes were completed around 1789-1790 together with the analogous and coeval Forte dei Marmi in Versilia, and had multiple tasks: protecting the coast from enemy raids, health control, smuggling and also constituted an important reference point for shipping of goods by sea.

The fort consists of a building with a square plan, arranged on three floors above ground, closed towards the sea, from a fortified front completely covered in bricks ending in a vast lookout terrace, originally armed with small guns.

In the building were housed the rooms for the guardhouse and stalls for the cavalry, who had the task of moving along the coast for patrolling the coast, along the nearby border, which still remains the term in stone, between the Marquisate of Cecina and the jurisdiction of the Torre di San Vincenzo.

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