The Macchia della Magona

<p style="text-align: justify;">From the sports field in&nbsp;<strong>Bibbona</strong>&nbsp;(67 meters) to take the asphalt along&nbsp;<strong>Bolgheri</strong>&nbsp;villas on straight, after 500 mt. curve to the right elbow to get dirt on the left, keep right, go on, let &#39;s Farm I Lecci (km 1.0) to right and continue on the road. Leave to another house on the left and rejoining begins to fall under the tower sections of the road coming from the cemetery (km 1.6), we pass by the fire and the road descends to the junction of&nbsp;<strong>Poggio Cornetto&nbsp;</strong>(km 2.0), where he holds the left on Earth. Immediately before a little bridge bends left (2.6 km) and then left along a path bordered by cypress trees up in the top right is held (km 3.4), there is a ruin to get later on marked&nbsp;N&deg; 1 and N&deg; 2&nbsp;on the path that goes from right. 4.7 km to leave the marked 1 on the left and continue on the path n&deg;2&nbsp;that goes far toward the&nbsp;<strong>Fornacina</strong>&nbsp;(5.9 km 295 m). Here you turn left on path&nbsp;4, but you let him go immediately on the left, first in single uphill into the forest, then down the edge of a cut.</p>

<p style="text-align: justify;">To 6.6 km during the steep descent, we must be careful to take the first right path, even in steep descent to lead the dirt that comes from&nbsp;<strong>Poggio al Pero</strong>&nbsp;(km 6.9). Take a right, keeping the principal over a bar. After a short downhill (7.2 km) the road makes a hairpin turn left continuing to fall, while we must take the right road to the forest that began rising, it still keeps the right after a few tens of meters onto in a path dating back into the forest into a single slide. 8.3 km to arrive at a hairpin bend where three paths branch. Let us first on the left, make the bend and then turn left, going straight into practice after conclusion of the bend and continued to climb in the bushes.</p>

<p style="text-align: justify;">After passing a shed hunting you arrive in a clearing outside the forest (9.00 km), we must find a grassy track that goes right into the tough climb to Podere Trieste. At the top we turn right on dirt road, pass a chain and after 100 mt on the left we are again on the path&nbsp;2, which we follow up to Pass completion (10.0 km, approx 280 meters). ( The section described by&nbsp;<strong>Fornacina&nbsp;</strong>up to here was part of the racetrack&nbsp;<strong>Granfondo of the Etruscan Coast</strong>&nbsp;and is frequented by local bikers, so it is very clear and well beaten. Please still be careful of the possibility of encountering hunting wild boar . Alternatively, from Fornacina we can simply continue on the path 2 until completion, shortening some &#39;path). Here are five roads meet, we continue straight on the path&nbsp;10&nbsp;until the next junction of the Mud&nbsp;<strong>Poggio</strong>&nbsp;(km 11.8; 340 mt), where we start right on the first section of downhill singletrack, marked trail 7.</p>

<p style="text-align: justify;">The single, after that we kept the main track right at km 13.8, ends near the house Forest (14.3 km, 158 m), where we go left, reaching in the short dirt track marked as number&nbsp;9&nbsp;(km 14.5; bar), turn right again down to the junction with the main road (km 15.0; scored 5), taken right back to pass completion (18.7 km, 280 m ca ), with the last 500 meters in strong climb. Take again the path&nbsp;10, but this time the mud in&nbsp;<strong>Poggio</strong>&nbsp;(km 20.5; mt 340) bends to the left towards the&nbsp;<strong>Golazze</strong>&nbsp;Open. After spending a Casotto (The&nbsp;<strong>Carbonaione</strong>; 22.1 km) arrive at the&nbsp;<strong>Passo Morticino</strong>&nbsp;(24.3 km, 467 m) and continue straight up after 600 meters at the&nbsp;<strong>Passo delle Golazze</strong>&nbsp;Open (mt 477), near a chain that marks the border of the reserve&nbsp;<strong>Monterufoli / Caselli</strong>.</p>

<p style="text-align: justify;">Here we take the narrow right path&nbsp;16&nbsp;up to a vantage point 300 meters away from the chain. The view that opens here on the landscape that is below this short detour. You go back and you start down the path previously traveled to&nbsp;<strong>Passo Morticino</strong>&nbsp;(26.4 km) take a left down a path indicated by a clear sign wooden signs with &quot;pictures&quot; that we reach with enough technical trail 27.5 km.</p>

<p style="text-align: justify;">Here we go straight again and turn down the path 14, a beautiful, long and technical single track that ends the large n.9(km 30.1; mt 155), take right down to&nbsp;<strong>Campo di Sasso</strong>. After 500 meters the road starts to rise, we keep the primary right and we arrive shortly at home, where a left pass a gate and started to fall again, reaching the junction of&nbsp;<strong>Poggio Cornetto</strong>. From here, walk back the path to same stretch, going left uphill to the crossroads of Hell (km 34.1; indications Podere Novo), then flat, and we will find the Bolgheri area of asphalt (35.2 km ) and turn right on&nbsp;<strong>Bibbona</strong><strong>plying field </strong>(km 35.7).</p>